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      To our holistic family, friends, and clients, Queen Afua and our staff thanks you for your years of loving support in your well-being. It has been an honor to serve you and your loved ones with the Heal Thyself product line for over the past 35 years.

      2022 has presented our company a whole new wave of offering for holistic beings and we are so excited to begin the process of rebranding our Heal Thyself product line which includes, the Green Life Nutritional Formula, Master Herbal, Breath of Life, Rejuvenation Clay Men's Life, Colon Ease and Herbal Laxative in order to serve you, our loyal and new clients optimal service.

      As of Wednesday January 5th, the Heal Thyself product line is in hiatus and will be returning Spring 2022 on the highest level. We are rebranding the line. The Breath Of Life will be first to return and will be available soon.

      The Womb Care Love line is still in service and can be purchased for our loyal clients, new clients and students. Please log on to www.wombcarelove.com to purchase our WCL Nutritional Formula, WCL Herbal Detox Formula, Pink Rose Clay, WCL Womb Fruit Julep, and WCL Colon Ease. (WCL baths will be available in the spring.)

      Queen Afua is also available and will continue to offer private or family wellness consultations for all those in our global community who are in need of holistic support. You can continue to order books and charts.

      Additionally, City of Wellness trainings will continue to serve you holistically, from Sacred Woman Rites of Passage, Sacred Woman Practitioner training, Man Heal Thyself Rites of Passage, Sacred Teens Rites of Passage, Heal Thyself 21 Day Detox Program, Womb Care Love 2-Day Virtual Retreat, and 7 Week Womb Care Love Intensive for your continued growth and development on the path of natural living.

      Happy new beginnings and thank you again for your support!



      Queen Afua & Team