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      If You Were Waiting for a Sign...This Is It! It’s Time to Detox!

      If You Were Waiting for a Sign...This Is It! It’s Time to Detox!

      Delving deeper, there's a more intuitive, less tangible layer to our body's communications. Often referred to as 'gut feelings' or 'inner knowing,' this intrinsic intuition can sometimes be the most telling. Have you ever felt an inexplicable off-kilter sensation? This intangible sense can provide profound insights into our health when heeded.

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      Meet My Sons: The Legacy Continues

      Meet My Sons: The Legacy Continues
      Whether it's intentional or happenstance, we pass our legacy and lessons on to our children. I am thankful for my two sons Supa Nova and Ali, alongside, my spiritual son and marketing genius Kazi, have taken up the work that I've started long before they were born. They have partnered to create their own wellness company, Supa Mega Foods.

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      The Essence of My Rejuvenation Clay: A Journey from Ancient Earth to Modern Wellness

      The Essence of My Rejuvenation Clay: A Journey from Ancient Earth to Modern Wellness

      The aroma of freshly mixed herbs, the sensation of crushed leaves, and the gentle embrace of Mother Nature have always been close to my heart. Every blend, every formulation, has been a promise to the universe, an oath to heal, restore, and rejuvenate. Today, I invite you into the world of my Rejuvenation Clay, the crown jewel of my Heal Thyself Product Line, which beautifully combines the essence of Africa with the potent wonders of Bentonite.

      Bentonite: Nature's Ancient Elixir
      At the heart of my Rejuvenation Clay lies the marvel of Bentonite. This ancient clay, cherished through the ages, emerges from volcanic ash's metamorphosis. While its name finds its roots in Fort Benton, WY, Earth has lovingly bestowed this treasure across her vast landscapes, even reaching the charming regions of France where it is also revered as Montmorillonite clay. Our ancestors, with their deep wisdom, recognized Bentonite's gifts, using it to:

      • Purify and protect the skin
      • Treat skin challenges, from infections to acne
      • Bring relief to digestive ailments, from gas to diarrhea

      Today, the arms of Bentonite stretch far and wide, touching medicines, makeup, and an assortment of personal care products, from nourishing shampoos to toothpastes.

      Queen Afua's Rejuvenation Clay

      The Profound Science of Bentonite
      How does Bentonite weave its magic? This clay stands as both an absorber and an adsorber, attracting and holding onto impurities while also swelling in the embrace of water. It's enriched with a spectrum of minerals, allowing it to dance intricately with charged particles. This feature not only detoxifies but also shields against potential positively charged toxins within our bodies.

      Moreover, Bentonite is not just a remedy; it's a guardian. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties have always fascinated me, and its repository of minerals like calcium, iron, and zinc offers nourishment in every touch. While scientific inquiries often draw from animal studies, its consistent use in human traditions testifies to its benefits.

      My journey with this clay began during a soulful expedition to Africa. There, amidst tales echoing from generations past, local women introduced me to the wonders of indigenous green clay, Bentonite's kin. This revelation ignited weeks of exploration, experimentation, and fusion. Under Africa's nurturing sun and inspired by stories whispered through time, my Rejuvenation Clay was birthed.

      Embracing the Healing Power of My Rejuvenation Clay
      Welcoming you to a transformative journey of healing and rejuvenation with my Rejuvenation Clay.

      Why Green Clay? Its potency lies in a rich blend of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc, making it a nourishing treat for the body. With its profound composition, my Rejuvenation Clay offers a symphony of internal and external benefits.

      Application is a tender ritual:

      1. Lavishly spread the clay over the desired area.
      2. Shield it gently with gauze.
      3. Let it caress your skin, drying completely for the recommended period.
      4. When the time comes, bathe the area in warm water and tenderly cleanse with a warm washcloth or sponge.

      Heal Thyself: Rejuvenation Clay from Queen Afua on Vimeo.


      21 Ways to Wholeness:
      Understanding the diverse rhythms of our bodies, I crafted this clay to address a range of concerns:

      • Calm urinary inflammation by draping over the bladder.
      • Breathe life into your face by addressing blemishes, age lines, and more.
      • Dive deep into internal healing by sipping a blend of the clay mixed with alkaline water or your favorite juice.
      • Experience the realm of holistic dental care by cherishing the clay as a natural toothpaste. ...and countless more wonders await your discovery.

      As you embrace my Rejuvenation Clay, feel the pulse of the Earth, hear the whispers of ancient wisdom, and continue a legacy of profound healing. From seeking relief from ailments to desiring radiant skin, my clay stands beside you as a guide, healer, and voice of generations past.

      Sharing this with you is not just about presenting a product but inviting you into my world, bridging ancient legacies with modern insights, and offering a healing touch to all.

      Step into a realm where Earth's wonders intertwine with my heritage. Your path to holistic wellness is but a touch away.

      With all my love and healing energy, Queen Afua.